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Garage Door Repair Hudson
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My garage sounds louder than usual. Why is that?

According to our experts, there may be different reasons why your garage door would create a louder noise than usual. Typically, there may be loose parts or areas that need lubrication. For example, the chain has become loose or the wheels graze along the track due to debris. These problems, however, are not difficult to fix.

Can I wash my garage door?

It is best to wipe garage doors using wet sponge or cloth to remove dirt and stains. It is not advisable to clean it by washing directly using water, since the material can be sensitive to water. Rust can build up on metal doors while wood can swell.

What is the safety glass?

This is the glass used for garage door windows. It is actually tempered and that makes it much stronger. Apart from being resilient, the benefits of safety glass is that it's not dangerous if it breaks because the pieces are thick and do not have sharp edges according to our specialists.

Garage Door Repair Hudson

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