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You may not realize it, but each and every one of the three hundred components of your garage door does an important job. If even one of them fails, you will be in trouble. Don’t ignore even the slightest sign that something’s wrong. Take measures to deal with it without wasting any time.Garage Door Repair Services in Massachusetts

Spring Repair

The tension which the springs are loaded with may lower with time. This will make opening the door harder and slower. While a torsion spring can be adjusted to hold more energy, if you have extension springs, they may to be replaced. Damage is a rare problem with these hardware parts. If the coils of the spring are damaged or deformed, however, the component should be replaced right away. This is the only solution in case of broken spring as well. One of the main characteristics of a new spring is the estimated cycle life. The greater it is the better.

Damaged Tracks

Bending is the most common type of damage. It can be the result of broken roller or a snapped cable. Obstruction also poses a serious risk of bending. A bent track should be straightened right away. If the damage is beyond repair, replacing the component will be the only solution. Rust and corrosion can also affect galvanized tracks when the coating is damaged by chemicals found in driveway cleaners and road salts. While rusty components can be fixed, corroded ones will need to be changed.

Replacing Garage Door Sensors

When the safety sensors fail, the opener will keep reversing the door instead of closing it normally. Sometimes, holding the wall button continuously will help for closing the door fully. However, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore the problem. If cleaning and aligning the sensors cannot help, then the sensors should be replaced. When the opener is tested after the installation of the new devices, it should work normally.

Fixing Rollers

If the door is shaking and making strange sounds, lubricating the rollers along with the hinges should help. The stems are not particularly thick so they can get twisted and broken. In such cases, the affected rollers should be replaced right away. Both the stems and the wheels can wear. When this happens, the door will start making popping sounds. Changing the rollers will eliminate the problem. The new components have to have the same size as the old ones, usually 2 inches in diameter.

Count on us at Garage Door Repair Hudson to fix these and any other problems with your door, opener and spring. Our company provides professional garage door repair services in emergencies and by appointment.

To hire our services call us or send an email, or browse our website for more information on how we can help you!

Garage Door Repair Hudson

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