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Measuring Garage Door Parts is Vital

11/29/2014 Back To Blog

Measuring Garage Door Parts is VitalWe keep making the same mistake. We start worry about problems when they emerge and perhaps that's the right thing to do when your issue is not centered in your overhead door. Everything else can be solved later but when it comes to the door, which weigh a few hundred pounds and you let your children pass under it several times each day, things get serious. As long as garage doors work okay, we're perfectly okay with it but when parts must be replaced, we're wondering what to do. It never occurs to us that components will eventually wear. The prudent thing is to know what to do when this time comes and that includes being organized.

Get the measuring tape out and start counting inches

Garage doors usually come with manuals. Don't throw them away! They probably include some very valuable information about the door or even its parts. It's important for you to know that garage door parts are always chosen depending on the weight of the existing door. For this simple reason, when the door is replaced so must several parts. You cannot expect the springs, which worked for your aluminum overhead doors, to work with the new wood carriage style door. The new one will be much heavier.

The size of components changes depending on how heavy your door is. That means you ought to know the size of the parts you need. If you haven't changed the door, you could check whether there's a label on the existing worn part mentioning its size. If you're out of luck, you simply have to measure it. Parts are measured differently. For example, for rollers you need to measure their diameter but also the length of their stem. Garage door tracks are usually found in three different sizes as far as their width is concerned but you'll also need to know their length.

The hardest part to measure is garage door springs. You must check the type of their end parts, measure their length, count the coils and their inside diameter. All these might sound Greek to you but they're actually extremely important. If you get the wrong size parts, they won't just fit and you'll need to pay again for a new order. Choosing the right components is also a matter of safety. So, think of that next time you decide to throw your manual away.

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