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When It Is Time for a New Garage Door Opener

12/01/2013 Back To Blog

Today, most garage door parts are found in abundance and reasonable prices and, hence, you can choose the ones you want at the appropriate time. In fact, garage door opener replacement is relatively an easy procedure and even necessary, especially if your own unit dates many years back. Besides, you cannot postpone the repairs or even replacement of openers for long since they are the brains of the entire mechanism and manage the good operation of the system ensuring also your safety and the protection of the house.

Take a small test

You should ask yourself certain questions and if your answers are positive, you should replace the opener.

  •     Did you buy the existing opener at your house prior to 1993? This is the birth date of new openers since the new laws obliged manufacturers to embody specific sensors, which would prevent accidents and guarantee enhanced safety.
  •     Does the noise coming from the chain drive garage door opener drive you crazy? If you have already lubricated the chain and the noise is unbearable, you should get a new one, which will definitely be quieter. Though, you also have the chance of switching from a chain to a screw or belt drive motor for peace of mind literally.
  •     Does garage door opener repair cost you almost the same with a new unit? Frequent repairs imply that the opener is old and suffering. This also means that it cannot fulfill its purposes, which are to keep you safe and keep the door closed properly. Why should you keep paying for maintenance when you can get a new one with more safety features?
  •     Are you still relying on the electricity? New openers have a backup system, which works with batteries and can support the operation of the door for a few hours after the power is out.
  •     Is the model old enough that cannot support the latest features? You would have a chance of sticking to the existing unit a bit longer merely in the case that it could be updated, but if it cannot, you are playing dice with your life.
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